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生活創意設計系 Department of Innovative Living Design

Department of Innovative Living Design

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I.L.D. (Department of Innovative Living Design) was founded in 2012, belonging to the School of Design and Information,Overseas Chinese University.

Creative design will be one crucial factor of developing economy in the future.

As a result, the establishment of  I.L.D. is the necessity which goes with the stream of Taiwan’s need for developing “Cultural Creativity Industry.”

In order to train up talents related to creative cultural industry , I.L.D. provides industrial plans and kinds of experience design, involving service, place, activity and commodity experiences which require the design knowledge about  visual communication, and etc.

Educational Objectives:

We cultivate creative professionals with integrated design.

We have professional teachers, and focus on student learning outcomes.

Students have a balanced access to knowledge and practical experience.

Students are encouraged to take part in design competitions and obtain licenses.