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生活創意設計系 Department of Innovative Living Design

Department of Innovative Living Design

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 SHU-CHEN LIN Associate Professor  (Department Chair) 
  •  Education: Ph.D. in Shipping and Transportation Management, National Taiwan Ocean University, Taiwan, 2005.
  •  Areas of Expertise:Areas: Global Logistics Management, Marketing Strategy, Decision Analysis.
  •  TEL: 886-4-27016855,extension number:2291
  •  E-Mail: shuchen@ocu.edu.tw
  SHIH-CHEN LEE Associate Professor  
  •  Education: Ph.D. in Chinese Literature, TUNGHAI UNIVERSITY,TAIWAN
  •  Areas of Expertise: Highlights of Qualifications:Cultual Creativity Industry、Creativity Thinking、Cultural Festival and Activity Design、  Community Infrastructure Establishment
  •  TEL: 886-4-27016855,extension number:7711
  •  E-Mail: d821104@ocu.edu.tw

 CHANG-YI YANG  Associate Professor
  •  Education:  Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management ,National Tsing Hua University,TAIWAN
  •  Areas of Expertise:Innovative Management, Project Management, Management Practice
  •  TEL: 886-4-27016855,extension number:7587、7588
  •  E-Mail: cyyang@ocu.edu.tw

   LIANG-YIN KUO   Assistant Professor 
  •  Education: Ph D candidate, Graduate School of Design, National Yunlin University of Science and Technology, TAIWAN
  •  Areas of Expertise: Interaction Design, Cultural and Creative Product Design, Maker, Creatve Media
  •  TEL: 886-4-27016855, extension number: 7549
  •  E-Mail: jackeyk@ocu.edu.tw
    MING-HAW KUO    Assistant Professor of Practice 
  •  Education: Master of Industrial Design, CHANG GUNG UNIVERSITY
  •  Areas of Expertise:Product design, man-machine interface analysis, computer-aided design, commercial design, product photography, CAD
  •  TEL:886-4-27016855,extension number: 2292
  •  E-Mail:kmh@ocu.edu.tw

   TSUNG-JUNG WANG   Assistant Professor 
  •  Education: Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering, Northeastern University, Japan
  •  Areas of Expertise:  Industrial analysis and research, systems engineering and management, technology management, strategic management
  •  TEL: 886-4-27016855, extension number: 2292
  •  E-Mail: tjaero@ocu.edu.tw

     MING-NAN LIN   Assistant Professor
  •  Areas of Expertise:Visual Image Design, Editorial Design, Typography Design, Three-dimensional Construction, Display Design
  •  TEL:886-4-27016855,extension number: 2292
  •  E-Mail: lin0221@ocu.edu.tw
     HUI-MEI LIAO  Lecturer
  •  Education:Master of Chinese Literature, TUNGHAI UNIVERSITY,TAIWAN
  •  Areas of Expertise: Chinese classical literature, Modern literature, Rhetoric, Advertising proposal
  •  TEL:886-4-27016855,extension number: 1211、7690 
  •  E-Mail: joejoe@ocu.edu.tw
 CHUAN- PO WANG  Lecturer
  •  Education: Ph D candidate,Department of Industrial Design, National Cheng Kung University, TAIWAN
  •  Areas of Expertise: Ergonomics and Interaction Design , Inclusive Design, Computer-Aided Design, Digital Publishing
  •  TEL:886-4-27016855,extension number:2293
  •  E-Mail:  chuanpowang@ocu.edu.tw
     FANG-MING PAN  Lecturer
  •  Education: Ph D student,Graduate Institute of Design, NATIONAL TAIPEI UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY, TAIWAN
  •  Areas of Expertise: Graphic Design, Photographic, Design Marketing/Management
  •  TEL:886-4-27016855,extension number: 7520
  •  E-Mail:  camila@ocu.edu.tw

  YUNG-CHIA CHIU  Lecturer


  •  Education: Ph D student,Graduate School of Design, National Yunlin University of Science and Technology, TAIWAN
  •  Areas of Expertise: Social Design, Brand Design, Exhibition Design, Comprehensive Community Development 
  •  TEL:886-4-27016855,extension number: 2293
  •  E-Mail:  mk04271@ocu.edu.tw
     TSUI-LAN WANG Lecturer
  •  Education: Master of Design in Visual Communication Design ,  LING TUNG UNIVERSITY ,TAIWAN
  •  Areas of Expertise: User interface design, visual communication design, web page multimedia design
  •  TEL:886-4-27016855,extension number: 2292
  •  E-Mail:  tsui@ocu.edu.tw