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生活創意設計系 Department of Innovative Living Design

Department of Innovative Living Design

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Two courses module

We focus on creative design, integration of cultural and creative applications such as knowledge of the training.

Students can learn design expertise, technology applications, design, packaging and display, marketing planning, integration of creativity and innovation.

The two main spindles "innovative service design" and "creative design of life".

Innovative Service Design

Visualization design, media integration marketing, creative marketing planning and design construction feasibility assessment and creative concept. Through the systematic process analysis in the real estate industry and cultural creation, brand design, lifestyle and innovative design applications, by copy design, visual information design, , And finally to curatorial and performance design, micro-business view of the application of industry in the assessment of whether the innovation and creativity.

Life creative product design

The integration of life aesthetics, creative design and product design, the development of life-related industries and cultural and creative commodity design, used in advertising marketing, brand positioning, industrial recycling and technology in the culture and design of the implementation, and life style trends And the relationship between regional industrial resources, training and industrial practice in line with the integration of creative design professionals.